Celebrate You! (part 1)

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Soon after signing the 1981 contract with Doubleday to publish her book, Celebrate You!, Faridi created this imaginative television proposal.  Faridi’s first experience working with children and introducing them to what she termed “Healing Art” began with the children of Bob and Sara Dylan.  Years later, Faridi would work extensively with children from broken homes, creating art with them in much the same way as she imagined the process would work in this proposal.  In the McFree collection are hundreds of paintings by children, some of which were enhanced by Faridi with ink pen.  (See: Art With Children.)


Celebrate You! (part 2)

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Sadly, Faridi’s TV show never came to pass.  It would be one of many disappointments in her life, yet she always tried to maintain a positive attitude.  Her inability to break through in the world of television is perhaps best summarized by this quote from Winston Churchill: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”  Faridi wrote several proposals for TV, none of which were ever produced.

The Zimmie Fence


Created in 1982 by Faridi, I took the liberty of framing two pieces of corrugated cardboard she had used to message Bob Dylan.  The Zimmie Fence measures 16″ x 32″ and is backed with a piece of gift wrapping paper.  In Supermind Aliens, a script Faridi created for television, one character is named Zimmie the Zipper – after Bob (Zimmerman) Dylan.  The “Zipper” refers to the character being cloistered or “zipped up” from the outside world.  A third piece of cardboard covered with hearts carries the message, “Baby, Crawl in My Window…”


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Faridi photocopied thousands of pages of correspondence over the years. Here is a small sample of the positive feedback she received, much of it concerning her book, Celebrate You!  Published by Doubleday in 1982, the book was filled with Faridi’s original drawings and positive affirmations.

Storage Auction Box Lot

box 3

Seen here are the contents of a single box purchased at the Public Storage Auction in New Jersey.  The storage locker contained a treasure trove of Faridi’s belongings.  Six other boxes were similarly full of documents, correspondence, TV script proposals, journals, photographs, and various unframed pieces of (doodle) art.  Also purchased at this auction were nearly one hundred pieces of Faridi’s “major” works.  A few months earlier, a Public Storage Auction was held in Los Angeles.  Many of those items are now part of this collection.  Among those items are Faridi’s early colored pencil works, diaries, address books, and a Dream Journal.  The Dream Journal from 1975 contains several Bob Dylan entries and describes their meeting at Jonathan Taplan’s wedding.  Taplan was the Executive Producer of the documentary, The Last Waltz.

Home Movies

Faridi 8mm collection

Among the items purchased at the Public Storage Auction in California was this box of 1960s 8mm (silent) home movies shot by Faridi’s husband, Michael Hanft.  Interior shots of the William Morris Agency in New York, parties in Woodstock, poolside at a Country Club, and life with the Hanfts at their home in Bearsville are documented, along with two avant garde “story” films created by Faridi. One of those films is titled,  Water


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