Storage Auction Box Lot

box 3

Seen here are the contents of a single box purchased at the Public Storage Auction in New Jersey.  The storage locker contained a treasure trove of Faridi’s belongings.  Six other boxes were similarly full of documents, correspondence, TV script proposals, journals, photographs, and various unframed pieces of (doodle) art.  Also purchased at this auction were nearly one hundred pieces of Faridi’s “major” works.  A few months earlier, a Public Storage Auction was held in Los Angeles.  Many of those items are now part of this collection.  Among those items are Faridi’s early colored pencil works, diaries, address books, and a Dream Journal.  The Dream Journal from 1975 contains several Bob Dylan entries and describes their meeting at Jonathan Taplan’s wedding.  Taplan was the Executive Producer of the documentary, The Last Waltz.

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